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Alex, Idaho Falls
This program is so awesome! My daughter has dyspraxia and has struggled finding "her thing" since she isn't very coordinated and has sensory issues. I can't rave enough about this program and Miss Sharee. My daughter did the week long summer camp and she begged to go back every single day I picked her up--thats a HUGE thing for her. Her confidence has sky rocketed in just one week. Sharee is obviously extremely talented at teaching and uplifting children. We cant wait to hopefully continue with this program and watch our daughter have fun!

Kari, Rexburg
Miss Sharee Millet is so wonderful with these kids! My son has thoroughly enjoyed his experience with Act It Out Children's Theater! He has gained confidence, gained new friends, understands the work and effort that goes into performing, but also has had an absolute blast preparing with a wonderful teacher who knows how to build children in positive ways! We love Act it out Children's Theater and would highly recommend to those with children interested in the performing arts and to children who just want to have fun!

Brigitta, Idaho Falls
With our daughter we tried so many extracurricular activities and she hated all of them. Dance, soccer, t-ball. Then we found this theater class and she LOVES it! She looks forward to it every week and is so proud and excited to be part of such a fun group.

Lisa, Rexburg
Our family LOVES Act it Out and Miss Sharee! Our sons have done this program for about 5 years now. It has been so wonderful for them. They have gained so much confidence from this class. My son was so shy and was afraid to get up and speak in front of anyone. This program helped him gain the confidence to get past his fears. He is now co-starring in his High school musical this year!! Miss Sharee gave him the keys to succeed on the stage. It is such a fantastic opportunity for kids to get away from their screens and use their imaginations! I love that any child can do this!! So please give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

Annalee, Rexburg
One of my favorite things about act it out is Miss Sharee. She is so fun, amazing, kind, and very very patient. I seriously think that she knows everything. I love working with her she makes everything so fun and she makes you really feel like that character. I also love the songs and the script they are always so cute and happy even if it's a movie I don't like I love the play because they are so magical. I love love love the costumes they are one of my favorite things ever, and every part is the best thing ever I just really really love act it out.

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